Thirty Three Years Of Interval Ownership
On the Road Again 1119 Weeks
Chapter 1974
-----------------------in Florida-------------------------
October 31, 1974 - October 31, 2007
Two Great Timeshare Exchange Places are

II - Interval International and

RCI - Resort Condominiums International

Providing Vacation Opportunities.

Does Either Know
When “Interval” Ownership Began?

On June 26, 1974

Some Interesting Information in the Preparation of the

Condominium Documents has been Located at

On June 26, 1974, at 3:00 pm, the Developers of the

Property Filed Papers with the Florida

Secretary of State in Tallahassee.

On June 7, 1974 Richard Perantoni, Virgil Murphy,

and Thomas Murphy Prepared and Notarized a Document


As the First Two Words on the Second Page.





On October 31, 1974


It happened in the Florida Keys, at

"THE HAWKS NEST RESORT", on Knights Key,

Near Seven Mile Bridge | At MM 47 near Marathon,

Florida. On October 31, 1974 the Developer

visited the Monroe County,Florida, Court House

with a Condominium Document.

On October 31, 1974 a certain

*Declaration of Condominium and Exhibits

Attached thereto was Filed with the
Monroe County Clerk.

Clerks File No. 56799, recorded in O. R.
Book 595, Page 351.

Amended by Amendment to the Declaration of Condominium

Filed November 19, 1975,

Under Clerks File No. 77820, recorded in

O. R. Book 633, Page 795, Monroe County Records.

*This Document was the very First-Ever Recorded

Timeshare Condominium "DECLARATION".

Permitting the Recording of

For the Interval Ownership of Property.
Researched by Gail Supansick  
Visit to Hawks Nest Resort - October 1999
Chapter 1975
by Gail Supansick

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Updated Friday April 25, 2008

This Story has been written for Time Sharers.

Everything on “Timesharing” is detailed.

Other Adventures are just included to make an

Interesting Story just Greater.

How many Families were there in the United States of America

On Census Day April 15th, 2000?

How many Families were found as Living in “Timeshares”,

It has an “s”, The Answer in One!

How many People have spent the Last 27 Years

Moving each week from One Great
Timeshare Resort to Another? –

A Total of 1,116 Weeks.

What is Most Exciting about Timesharing?

This is Very Easy.  - “The Next Resort”

Chapter 1976

I am Gail - My Wife is Margaret

This Adventure Story is dedicated to All Timeshare Owners

Who Use Their Resorts in the World!

What is So Important about the Year 2008?

In 2008 we will be going to Our 1,111th Week!

Now to get on with our Adventures! - To remember everything Important.

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Chapter 1977

“On the Road Again 1119 Weeks"·

·The Timeshare Industry.

October 31, 1974.

The First Saturday | Easter | Christmas I Thanksgiving.

The Supansick Family – Mr. & Mrs. Timeshare

The Moore Home – “The Last Resort"

Our Great Adventures in Timesharing.

Hawaii | Fiji | New Zealand | Australia | Tahiti.

Visit Sanibel Island on the Gulf of Mexico.

Our 19 Timeshare Resorts | Our 60 Weeks.

The Hawks Nest | Sanibel Beach Club.

·RECORDS!  RECORDS! | Gail and Margaret.

Special Addresses | Places | Weeks | Times.

Our Early Years | 1981 > 1983.

Yes, We pay Maintenance Fees.

Our Travel Schedule for the Year 2003.

We have Purchased and Sold many Weeks.

We have RCI POINTS > The Secret > yes!

We have Visited at 118 Great Resorts.

We have Spent 1119 Weeks at Our Resorts

Chapter 1978
The Timeshare CALENDAR for a Year Starts

With the
First Saturday in January

And Continues till the Last Saturday in December.

Usually 52 weeks. Some Years there are 53 Saturdays.

Timeshare Weeks can start on other days of the Week.

We have Two Resorts that Start on Fridays.

They Don’t Work with Any of Our Saturday Weeks.
Chapter 1979

SANIBEL BEACH CLUB - August 28,1976

The 2nd Timeshare Resort,


626 Nerita Street, Sanibel Island, Florida

The Declaration of Condominium of Sanibel Beach

Club III was filed in July 1976

Recorded in Book 1144, Page 1340, Lee County Florida

First Deed was recorded at 4:30 pm on

The 28th day of August 1976.

It was for Unit Week 37, Building 3, Unit B,

Sanibel Beach Club III. - Recorded in Book 1155, Page 42.

It was purchased for $800.00

With a 0.5% tax of $4.00 plus $3.80 recording costs $7.80

A packing up Story in 2008  -  A first Owner purchased four Weeks,
paying $710.00 with a discount for cash and multiple units.
This deed could be the Second in the book.

This resort was Inspired, Constructed, and Marketed by the Captran Corporation.

Mr. Keith Trowbridge is Captran.

Chapter 1980
Some Definitions
Banking a Week = Telephone RCI plus $26.00
and Reserve/Exchange a Week at a Later Date - Location.
RCI Blue Week = Calendar Week rated between
Red {high} Weeks  -  White {low} Weeks
Board of Directors = Owners Elected by the Owners to
Manage the Timeshare Resort per the Condo documents.
Bonus Week = A Free RCI Week as offered
Per any Timeshare Purchase
·Calendar = Weeks 1st thru 53rd. {1st thru 53rd Saturday}
Per Condo Docs,  Fridays and Sundays are out there.
·Condo Documents = Filed in Records Book at the Court House.
Documents for managing the Resort.
Early Check-In = A Check-In before a 4ooPM Check-In
·Exchange = Using RCI or II to Visit an avaiable  Resort
Fractional Ownership = Owning in year 2000 – 2003 - 2006
or in Even Years
Gold Crown Resort - A Premium Rated Resort for Exchanging
The other rating is Silver
Hotel Units = Never a Full Kitchen and Sometimes a Murphy Bed
·Interval Ownership – Right to own an unit for a week.
·Interval International = The Exchange Network.
Last Call = Using A RCI’s Banked Resort for a Fee Only.
·Lockout Unit = Part of your Unit with a separate entrance.
· A lockout unit has value for exchanging.  
·Maintenance Fee = Yearly Maintenance Fee + ‘Reserves.’
Points Resorts = A Resort the Exchanges for Points.
Points = Value RCI Assigns to a Resort Week
Quorum = 50% of Unit weeks present for Voting.
Without a Quorum some resort business cannot be performed.
RCI = The Exchange Network
Resort Condominiums International - $100.00 per year fee
RCI Red Weeks = Premium RCI Calendar Weeks
Reserve Fee = Fee Collected yearly for a replacement item
Resorts Condominium International = the RCI Exchange Network
Exchanging - Banking - Extra Weeks - Getting Points - Last Call
·  Resort, Home  = Vacation Village @ Parkway
A Silver Resort = A Premium Rated Resort for Exchanging
Studio Units - Can have a Murphy Bed and/or a Partial Kitchen
· Taxes = Yearly Property Taxes as billed.
Travel = Car - truck - plane - boat - train - bike - RV - to your resort week.
Unit = a studio - a one bedroom - a two bedroom - a Lockout unit.
Value Resort Weeks = Renting less than a Standard Rental Rate
RCI had a Special in 2008 at 2 for 1.   Yes.
Warranty Deed = A page in the Record Book at the County Court House.
Warranty Deed = Ownership of a Timeshare
A·Week = Using your Week of Timesharing.
Weeks Resort = an RCI Resort for Exchange
for RCI Points or a Weeks Resort
RCI White Week = The least desired Calendar Week
·Yearly Meeting = Once a year, owners meet to Vote
on any Resort Business
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Chapter 1981
Traveling to Our Resorts
Week    From Resort      To Resort         Miles-

2        Daytona Resort    Traders Inn     9.2

3        Traders Inn       Daytona Resort  9.2

4        Daytona Resort    Dolphin BC       4.6

5        Dolphin BC         Daytona Resort  4.6

6        Daytona Resort   . Ocoee - Karen 62.0

7        Ocoee – Karen     Palm Bay         64.7

8        Palm Bay           Daytona Resort  2.1

9        Daytona resort   > Maitland - Ann  54.5

10       Maitland – Ann    Daytona Resort  53.6

17       Daytona Resort    Bonita Resort    285.5

18       Bonita Resort      Moore Home     144.9

19       Moore Home       Lago Vista           105.0

20       Lago Vista         Daytona Resort  76.5

21       Daytona Resort    Sanibel BC       279.3

22       Sanibel BC         Bonita Resort    22.3

23       Bonita Resort      Snug Harbor     10.2

24       Snug Harbor      > Bonita Resort  10.2

25       Bonita Resort    Delray Southshore  165.2

26       Delray Southshore  Daytona Resort  215.6

27       Daytona Resort   Outrigger BC     5.6

28       Outrigger BC     > Oceanside 99  0.5

29       Oceanside 99      Daytona Resort  5.9

30       Daytona Resort    Bonita Resort    292.5

31       Bonita Resort      Sanibel BC       22.1

32       Sanibel BC   Tropic Sun Towers      285.0

34       Tropic Sun Towers  Boathouse Flx  285.3

35       Boathouse Flx     Tortuga BC      16.9

36       Tortuga BC        Sanibel BC         0.6

38       Sanibel BC         Las Olas         212.8

39       Las Olas           Island Towers     209

40       Island Towers     Surfride BC      14.9

41       Surfrider BC      Marathon Key   233.7

44       Marathon Key     Snug Harbor     216.6

46       Snug Harbor      > Ocean Landings 218.4

48       Ocean Landings    Surfrider BC    223.1

49       Surfrider BC      Snug Harbor     12.3

51       Snug Harbor       Moore Home     136.9

52       Moore Home      > Daytona Resort 159.4

the Thirty eight trips in 2003,
108.7 miles average, 4130.7 miles
Chapter 1982
TRAVELING to Our Resorts
in the Year

1993 > 5481.9 miles > 105.42 per week

1994 > 5675.9 miles > 107.09 per week

1995 > 6621.7 miles > 125.42 per week

1996 > 5980.4 miles > 115.01 per week

1997 > 5690.7 miles > 109.44 per week

1998 > 5920.8 miles > 113.85 per week

1999 > 6303.1 miles > 121.21 per week

2000 > 5289.7 miles > 101.73 per week

2001 > 5609.9 miles > 105.85 per week

2002 > 4647.2 miles > 89.37 per week

2003 > 4883.9 miles > 93.92 per week

2004 > 4822.2 miles > 92.73 per week

2005 > 5857.6 miles > 110.52 per week

2006 > 5011.9 miles > 94.56 per week

2007 > 4502.0 miles > 87.88 per week

2008 > 4680.0 miles > 90.00 per week
16 Years > 83,600 miles > 100.0 per week?
Chapter 1975
Keith Trowbridge
a native Canadian, began edging
into the spotlight in 1975
when he founded
Captran On Sanibel Island
with the Sanibel Beach Club.
To many he was
"the father of timesharing"
By the start of 1982 Captran was
involved in 36 Resorts ib Florida,
Canada and the Caribbean.

from a newspaper article
Chapter 1973
Innisfree Companies
of California is the original
proprietor of deeded ownership
timeshares in the US.
In 1973, in a joint venture with the
Hyatt company, Innisfree’s first
development was at Brockway
Springs in Lake Tahoe , California.
It was at this resort in Lake Tahoe
that timeshare was first used to
describe vacation time purchased
from a resort.
A group of developers:
Carl Berry,
Greg Bright, Paul Grey, Dave Irmer,
and Doug Murdock, are credited
with coining the term “timeshare”.
They felt that the term “timeshare”
would help them get their point
across to investors that the
properties they wished to finance
represented interval ownership
among many parties.  
The developers were correct,
since many bankers were already
familiar with the term “timeshare”
it became more and more
associated with
the Lake Tahoe project.
As a result when Innisfree filed
paperwork with the California
Department of Real Estate, the
term “timeshare” was used on the
application, further popularizing
the term at the
State administrative level.
By utilizing the term “timesharing”
in promotional materials, Innisfree
succeeded in making “timeshare”
into a household word
from: Timesharing History Online
- RCI -
Brockway Springs Resort,
Address: 101 Chipmunk St., POB 276
Kings Beach, California, United
States, North America 96143
It is said that Brockway Springs
was the first deeded timeshare
project in the world.
Once a historic spa, the property
was developed at the turn of the
nineteenth century into a lakefront
resort. Today, Brockway Springs is a
gated resort community with 78
condo units and 19 multi-million
dollar homes.
- 1973 -
Gail and Margaret Supansick
Mr and Mrs Timeshare
on the Back bay
Fort Myers Beach - 2005
Chapters 1973 > 1982
In California -1973
Thirty Three Years -1974
Interval Ownweship -74
Warranty Deeds -74
Captran Corp -1975
Autobiography -75
Supansick Family -76
This Book is About -77
Timeshare Calendar -78
Traveling to Resorts -79
RCI Definitions -1980
Travel to Resorts -81
Travel in a Year -1982
Milestones in
Carl G. Berry's
Brockway Springs
with the Hyatt Corporation
- 1972 -
"In the fall of 1972 when we
were putting things together,
we talked to Los Angeles
advertising agencies and
bankers using the name
multiple ownership, for want of
a better name. One afternoon
Charlie Bird, a bright and
creative ad-agency owner,
suggested a jazzier name
adapted from the then-new
concept of mainframe
The concept was the same --
shared computer time or
shared condominium time."
- 1973 -
In the winter of 1973, Innisfree
started timeshare sales. "We
14-day interests,"
Berry says, "because we were
afraid to break down the
product into a one-week
interest. People might
perceive one week was not
long enough. We sold
fixed-week waterfront
for $3,200.00 to $9,500.00"
Five of Brockway Springs
-- 75 waterfront condominiums
were sold as 25 two-week
interests, and 70 were sold as
whole-owner condominiums.
Brockway Innisfree
sold four product lines
-- acreage, condominiums,
homesites, and
- 2008 -
- Today -
101 Chipmunk St., POB 276
Kings Beach, California,
United States,
North America 96143
It is said that Brockway
Springs was the
First Deeded
project in the world.
Once a historic spa, the
property was developed at
the turn of the nineteenth
century into
a lakefront resort.
Today, Brockway Springs
is a gated resort community
with 78 condo units and 19
multi-million dollar homes.

- + -

Brockway Springs Resort
by Jeanne Cooper
Thursday, September 27, 2007
Who knew there were hot
springs at the edge of
oh-so-cold Lake Tahoe?
Since 1870, a procession of
resorts and hotels have made
use of the springs at the
northern tip of Kings Beach,
first registered

Today, the thermal waters
that give Brockway Springs
Resort its name are restricted
to heating a year-round pool so
close to the lake, you'd
think you were swimming in it
- except for the fact that
you're not freezing.
With autumn's sunny days and
cool nights upon us, this may
be Tahoe's best place.

- + -